Cara Lisette

Cara is a mental health advocate, author and therapist. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder aged 25 and since then has been actively campaigning to reduce stigma around the illness and raise awareness of signs and symptoms to look out for. She runs a successful blog ( about her experiences with mental illness, and is also active on Twitter (@caralisette) and Instagram (@caralisette), where she shares more about her journey and about mental health in general. She has recently written a self help book for people with bipolar disorder which is due out in June 2023, after her self help book for people with eating disorders became a best-seller. She hopes that her knowledge as both a therapist and somebody with lived experience have come together to create a resource that will help people to understand themselves and their illness better.    @caralisette    @caralisette

Pre-order Cara’s new book The Bipolar Disorder Journal: Creative Activities to Keep Yourself Well

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