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Gregg F. Martin - My Lived Experience of Psychosis - talkBD Bipolar Disorder Podcast

My Psychosis – Gregg F. Martin

I have lived with bipolar disorder (BD) type I, with psychotic features, for twenty years, and hyperthymia—a condition where an individual stays in a near continuous state of mild mania—for 30 years prior to that. So, I have been on the bipolar...

Do Psychedelics Trigger Mania or Bipolar Disorder? (Dr. Josh Woolley)

Do Psychedelics Trigger Mania or Bipolar Disorder?

Psychiatrist and psychedelics/bipolar researcher Dr. Josh Woolley (University of California San Francisco) addresses whether psychedelics can cause manic episodes in people with bipolar disorder, and if it can also trigger the onset of bipolar...

Forgiving Yourself After Psychosis

Award-winning mental health speaker Victoria Maxwell reflects on the aftermath of a psychotic episode, letting go of shame, and the process of finding self-compassion.