Dr. Trisha Chakrabarty

Dr. Chakrabarty is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research health professional investigator, and consultant psychiatrist at the Mood Disorders Centre of Excellence at UBC Hospital. Her expertise is in cognitive functioning in mood disorders, with a focus on the etiology, contributors and functional implications of cognitive dysfunction in depression and BD. Dr. Chakrabarty is involved in research to develop novel therapeutic strategies to address mood related cognitive deficits, and is currently principal investigator on a collaborative initiative with the National Research Council Canada to develop a virtual reality cognitive remediation program for use in individuals with mood disorders. She is also interested in understanding the role of cognitive-affective changes in depression and BD, and is co-investigator on studies with researchers at UBC’s Department of Psychology examining alterations in reward sensitivity and avoidance behaviours across the spectrum of mood disorders.

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