World Bipolar Day “Ask Me Anything” 2023

For over 48 hours on March 30th 2023, the CREST.BD network held our 5th annual “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit in honour of World Bipolar Day. This World Bipolar Day, we gathered our largest panel of bipolar disorder experts from around the world to answer all your questions!

Post-event update

POST-EVENT UPDATE: Thank you for making our World Bipolar Day AMA the largest bipolar disorder event of it’s kind – with 68 expert panelists, over 550 questions, over 1.6k comments, and 1.1 million views, the event was a massive success!

The 2023 AMA

When: March 30, 2023 – World Bipolar Day
Read the AMA: r/IAmA on Reddit

Our “Ask Me Anything” Bipolar Disorder Experts

This AMA is took place at r/IAmA on Reddit! It’s a platform for question and answer events, where anyone with a Reddit account can ask a question. Our World Bipolar Day AMAs have hosted meaningful discussions not only between panelists and individuals with bipolar disorder, but also with people within the bipolar disorder community such as family, friends, and healthcare providers. Our diverse team of researchers, clinicians, and people who live with bipolar disorder are gathered to answer your questions on all things bipolar disorder from our u/CREST_BD Reddit account.

Our team of 68 panelists

Meet the international team of 68 bipolar disorder experts from 12 countries who are answering your questions from across multiple different time zones during this World Bipolar Day gathering:

Alessandra Torresani 🇺🇸

Actress & Mental Health Advocate, Lived Experience
I’m an actress and mental health advocate. I’ve appeared on the Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, and Caprica! I’m also an ambassador for the National Alliance on Mental Health, and I host the EmotionAL Support podcast, where I talk with guests about mental health to break through stigma!

Alex Emmerton 🇨🇦

Peer Researcher, Lived Experience
I live well with Bipolar 1 and have recently become involved with CREST.BD in a peer research capacity. I love spending time with my partner and friends who help keep me grounded and generally in good spirits. I also enjoy exercising, playing video games, writing, and following Combat Sports!

Alikah Adair 🇺🇸

Mental Health Advocate, Lived Experience
I am a retired teacher and am a volunteer, trainer, and public speaker for a national grassroots mental health organization. I am currently writing about ways to live well with Bipolar Disorder.

Anne Van Willigen 🇺🇸

Librarian & Peer Researcher, Lived Experience
I have over forty years lived experience with BD. I am dedicated to aging well with bipolar and use Dialectical Behavior Therapy, yoga and mindfulness and dark therapy to do so.

Dr. Annemiek Dols 🇳🇱

Psychiatrist & Researcher
Annemiek Dols is a psychiatrist working in the Netherlands. She does research on aging in bipolar disorder with a focus on cognitive and physical health. Next to that, she has set up several psychotherapies trials in older age bipolar disorder, as she believes that empowerment is most important. She is co-Chair of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Older Adult Bipolar Disorder Task Force, and helps to lead a global study combining data on late-life bipolar disorder from studies across the world (GAGE-BD).

Benjamin Goldstein
Dr. Benjamin Goldstein 🇨🇦

Child-Adolescent Psychiatrist
My career as a psychiatrist and researcher focuses on bipolar disorder in youth. The primary theme of my research is the link between bipolar disorder and cardiovascular health, which has implications for research, treatment, and stigma-reduction. In terms of treatment research, my group focuses on DBT, exercise, and nitrous oxide.

Catherine Simmons 🇨🇦

Peer Researcher, Lived Experience
Catherine has 23 years experience of living through the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. She is currently living well following her last manic/psychotic episode in 2018, and happy to be involved in this AMA.

Dr. Chris Gorman 🇨🇦

I’m a psychiatrist with a special interest in Bipolar Disorders, and Clinical Professor at UBC Dept. Of Psychiatry, Vancouver, BC. My current work is with the Vancouver General Hospital Psychiatry Outpatient Service and as a Community Advisor for CREST.BD.

Dr. David Miklowitz 🇺🇸

Psychologist and Researcher
UCLA Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program
The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide
David Miklowitz Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute in Los Angeles, CA. His work focuses on psychosocial interventions for youth and young adult with bipolar disorder, and illness management techniques.

Elysha Ringin 🇦🇺

Neuropsychiatry PhD Candidate
I’m a final year PhD candidate at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre in Melbourne, Australia. I’m interested in the link between vascular risk factors and cognition in BD, with a particular interest in lifestyle risk factors like physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

Dr. Emma Morton 🇦🇺

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychologist
I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UBC Psychiatry, as well as a psychologist. My research focuses on improving quality of life in serious mental health conditions, psychological interventions, and digital mental health tools.

Dr. Eric Youngstrom 🇺🇸

Psychologist, Professor, Resource Sharing Advocate
I am a professor of psychology and neuroscience who teaches at the University of North Carolina and Korea University in Seoul. My extended family has had many members affected by mood disorder. I am passionate about sharing information and resources, and co-founded and direct Helping Give Away Psychological Science — a charity dedicated to bringing the best mental health information and tools to the people who would benefit.

Dr. Erin Michalak 🇨🇦

Researcher & CREST.BD founder
I’m the founder and Network Lead of CREST.BD, and Professor at UBC Psychiatry. My work focuses on enhancing quality of life and reducing stigma for people living with bipolar disorder.

Evelyn Anne Clausen 🇺🇸

Writer & Artist, Lived Experience
I began experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder as a teenager and was eventually diagnosed Bipolar 1 with psychosis. I’m a former music critic and website designer, current writer and artist living in the southern Appalachian Mountains. I believe that sharing our stories is the first step towards ending stigma and finding peace. No one is alone.

Dr. Fabiano Gomes 🇨🇦

I am an academic psychiatrist with a special interest in bipolar disorder. I am an assistant professor at McMaster University, Canada, where I work with people living with mood disorders to promote their stability and quality of life.

Georgia Caruana 🇦🇺

Neuropsychiatry PhD Candidate
I am a final year PhD Candidate at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre in Melbourne, Australia. My research explores inter-relationships between brain structure, cognition and life stress in bipolar disorder. I am super passionate about multidisciplinary research and empowering lived experiences voices in our study designs.

Glorianna Jagfeld 🇬🇧

Mental Health PhD Student
I’m a PhD student in mental health research at the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research in Lancaster, UK. My (almost completed) PhD project looked at personal recovery in bipolar disorder. As part of this, I also analysed Reddit posts using natural language processing methods.

Maj. Gen. Gregg Martin 🇺🇸

U.S. Army retired, Mental Health Advocate, Lived Experience
36-year Army combat veteran, retired 2-star general, and bipolar type I survivor & thriver. Formerly President of National Defense University, am a qualified Airborne-Ranger-Engineer and Strategist. A graduate of West Point and MIT (PhD), my forthcoming book is entitled “Bipolar General: My Forever War with Mental Illness” (PREORDER ) , published by the US Naval Institute Press.

Dr. Guillermo Perez Algorta 🇬🇧

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health
Clinical psychology researcher, with international experience working in bipolar disorder. I am interested in assessment, rhythms and sleep, and risk taking behaviors and decision making.

Dr. Hailey Tremain 🇦🇺

Psychologist & Researcher
I’m the Clinic Director of Mental Health Online at Swinburne University, and a researcher in the areas of Bipolar Disorder and technologies for mental health.

Dr. Heather O’Brien 🇨🇦

I work at the School of Information at UBC. I have spent my career researching user engagement, specifically what makes people want to use a technology and how technologies support people’s goals. I am working with the CREST.BD team on the development of the PolarUs app to support health self-management for people living with BD.

Dr. Ivan Torres 🇨🇦

Clinical Neuropsychologist
I’m a clinical neuropsychologist and clinical professor at UBC Psychiatry, and an investigator within BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services. My work involves the study of cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder and psychosis and its impact on daily functioning.

Dr. Ives Cavalcante Passos 🇧🇷

Professor of Psychiatry at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. I am the psychiatrist in chief of the bipolar disorder outpatient clinic in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. My work focuses on the study of the longitudinal course of the disease and the use of new technologies to provide better care to patients with bipolar disorder.

Jeff Brozena 🇺🇸

Human-computer Interaction/Digital Health PhD Student, Lived Experience
I’m a graduate student with lived experience working towards a PhD in informatics. I’m focused on how digital health and fintech APIs can help support the financial stability of individuals living with BD. Before graduate school, I worked on the provider side of healthcare doing digital transformations in high-volume Medicaid pediatric groups.

Dra. Joanna Jiménez Pavón 🇲🇽

Mood Disorders Psychiatrist
I am a psychiatrist specializing in mood disorders, currently working in the Department of Affective Disorders of the National Institute of Psychiatry in Mexico. In addition, I collaborate with the Broad Institute and the Stanley Center, where I investigate the treatment response, chronobiology, and genetics of bipolar disorder in Latin Americans. I like video games, board games, and cats.

Dr. John-Jose Nunez 🇨🇦

Psychiatrist & Clinical Research Fellow
I’m a a psychiatrist and Institute of Mental Health Marshall Fellow at UBC Mood Disorders and BC Cancer. For my research, I use artificial intelligence tools like machine learning and natural language processing to help improve mental health!

Dr. Jorge Cabrera 🇨🇱

Jorge Cabrera, MD, is Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Chile Santiago, President of Chilean Society of Bipolar Disorders, (SOCHITAB), the Chilean Chapter of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders, (ISBD). He received his medical degree from the Universidad Austral of Chile and trained at Psychiatric Clinic of the Free Universitat Berlin in West Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Josh Woolley 🇺🇸

Psychiatrist & Researcher
I am a psychiatrist who studies psychedelics as novel therapeutics for multiple conditions including bipolar disorder. I am also the director of the translational psychedelic research program at UCSF.

Dr. Jill Murphy 🇨🇦

Researcher, Executive Director of the APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health
I’m a Research Associate in the Dept. of Psychiatry at UBC and am the Executive Director of the APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health. I mostly work in global mental health and my research explores how to promote equitable access to e-mental health and community-based mental health mental health care worldwide.

Dr. June Gruber 🇺🇸

Psychologist & Researcher
June Gruber is a professor and researcher who conducts research on emotions and bipolar disorder. She is interested in better understanding experiences of positive emotion and general mental well-being, and has done recent work on young adults at risk for bipolar disorders.

Dr. Kamyar Keramatian 🇨🇦

Psychiatrist & Researcher
I am an adolescent and adult psychiatrist and a clinical assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. My research is focused on early interventions in bipolar disorder.

Dr. Katie Douglas 🇳🇿

Psychologist & Researcher
Katie is a Clinical Psychologist and researcher at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Her research focuses on development of psychological and cognitive interventions to help longer-term recovery and functioning for people with depression and bipolar disorder.

Keri Guelke 🇨🇦

Outreach Worker & Mental Health Advocate, Lived Experience
I am the mother of 9 year old twin identical boys. I had children later in life because of the disruption of bipolar disorder. I have had 5 bipolar episodes including 3 hospitalizations. I have taken part in many studies. I recently presented with Catriona Hippman on Bipolar and Pregnancy with CRESTBD. It has been 15 years since my last episode. I worked as an outreach worker for 11 years for Vancouver Coastal Health and recently completed a Master of Public Policy and Administration: Social Change Leadership. I am currently working on a project to train peer advocates across BC to support mothers and families who are at risk of government intervention.

Kristine Konz 🇺🇸

Psychiatric Social Worker
Kristine M. Konz is a Psychiatric Social Worker specializing in Mood Disorders. She has special interest and clinical experience in Women’s Health including Peri and Post-natal impact of Mood Disorders.

Leslie Robertson 🇺🇸

Marketer, Peer Researcher, Lived Experience
I’m a digital marketer by trade and all-around creative with lived experience with bipolar disorder. I am a huge proponent of active movement (bonus for outside!) and journaling without a filter. HUGE data nerd—I make infographics out of almost everything (as a hobby!), including my power walking data.

Dr. Lisa O’Donnell 🇺🇸

Cognitive Therapist, Social Worker
Lisa O’Donnell is an assistant professor and her work focuses on improving work outcomes for individuals living with bipolar disorder.

Louise Dwerryhouse 🇨🇦

Retired Social Worker, Mental Health Blogger, Lived Experience
My Bipolar Story
Louise is a retired social worker, who worked in Canada and the UK, is an advocate, and mental health blogger on “lived experience” living in Vancouver, BC. She was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder late in life, over 30 years ago at the age of thirty-five, and has been living well with the disorder for 10+ years. She writes to those alone, frightened and traumatized by volatile mood swings such as she had in her early days post-diagnosis. Louise tries to lead by example, by sharing her journey to recovery, showing it is possible to live well with the disorder. Her dream is to see a society centred on acceptance, inclusion and less stigma in her lifetime.

Dr. Madelaine Gierc 🇨🇦

Postdoctoral Fellow, Researcher
Dr. Gierc is a postdoctoral fellow in the Population Physical Lab at UBC, and works in health psychology in Vancouver. Her research looks at the connection between exercise, health, and psychology; and strategies to promote physical activity in people with depression. She is currently training for her first 10K, and is learning how to play the cello.

Mansoor Nathani 🇨🇦

Technology Enthusiast, Lived Experience
I work for the 2nd largest domain registrar in the world specializing in Web Hosting, Email, Domains and DNS. My lived experience with bipolar disorder goes back over 20 years.

Dr. Manuel Sánchez de Carmona 🇲🇽

Manuel is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry,  at the Anahuac University Mexico City and founder of the International Society of Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) Mexican Chapter. He is past president of the ISBD and has over 25 years of clinical experience in the treatment of mood disorders.

Natasha Reaney 🇨🇦

Counsellor, Lived Experience
I have bipolar disorder and I live a rich and full life. I work full-time as a team lead and counsellor with several mental health and substance use services with my local health authority. I’m passionate and outspoken about my experiences with mental health and often won’t shut up about them if given the opportunity.

Dr. Nigila Ravichandran 🇸🇬

Dr. Nigila is primarily a clinician caring for her patients with mental health conditions, particularly attending to patients presenting in crisis to the emergency department of a psychiatry hospital. In addition, she is an academician and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching younger generations of medical staff on psychiatric management. She is passionate about taking mental wellness into the community and speaks frequently on broadcasting media like radio, television, webinars, in public forums, in regional and international conferences and believes that adequate information and education on mental health awareness will take mental health into further depths in the society.

Patrick Boruett 🇰🇪

Pharmacist, Founder of Bipolar Heroes Foundation, Lived Experience
I am a pharmacist with lived experience of Bipolar Disorder. I’m the team leader of Bipolar Heroes Foundation based in Kenya. I got my diagnosis 12 years ago and have experienced ups and downs during this journey. I advocate for sharing of experiences through storytelling to raise awareness, help one another, and reduce stigma towards mental health.

Dr. Paula Villela Nunes 🇧🇷

Psychiatrist & Counsellor
I’m a psychiatrist, researcher and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of São Paulo – Brazil. My work focuses on old age psychiatry and care partners of people living with bipolar disorder.

Dr. Rebekah Huber 🇺🇸

Psychologist & Researcher
I’m a licensed psychologist and a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine. My research aims to identify risk factors for suicide with a specific focus on youth with bipolar disorder.

Rosemary Xinhe Hu 🇨🇦

Poet, Educator, Lived Experience
I am a Chinese Canadian woman, who is a poet and educator. I live well with bipolar, and am open about my experience living with this mental illness because I know from first hand experience that visible representation of mental illness (especially among visible minorities) makes people feel less alone, and more equipped to seek help. I am so proud to be part of the brilliant mentally ill community, nurturing and providing radical care for one another.

Ruth Komathi 🇸🇬

Counsellor, Lived Experience
I am a trained counsellor and work with a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Day Centre in Singapore. I live with Bipolar Disorder and will be happy to share my personal experiences.

Ryan Jarman 🇨🇦

Mental Health Advocate, Lived Experience
I’m a musician, photographer and advocate. I’ve spent many years working in frontline trans health advocacy, disability, mental health, substance use, harm reduction & homelessness – all areas I have lived experience in. I now work as an Employment & Assistance Worker with the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction. I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 in 2004 and am living well!

Dr. Sagar Parikh 🇺🇸

Psychiatrist & Researcher
As a clinician, I provide medication, psychotherapy, TMS, digital mental health tools, and ketamine for mood disorders. In addition to being a passionate educator in bipolar disorder, my research includes novel treatments, biomarkers, health system improvement, and educational research.

Prof. Samson Tse 🇭🇰

Professor in Mental Health & Counsellor
I’m a Professor with a special interest in psychosocial management of bipolar disorders. I’m a founding member of CREST.BD, a friend and supporter of loved ones with mental health challenges.

Sara Lapsley 🇨🇦

Psychology PhD Candidate, Lived Experience
Sara is currently a PhD student in the Psychology Department at Carleton University and works for the Provincial Health Services Authority as a Crisis Intervention Specialist with the Mobile Response Team. Her research interests include: Bipolar Disorder, mental health in military and forensic populations, and community-based research methods. Sara has been working with the CREST.BD for over 15 years, in hopes of reducing stigma and sharing a message of hope and recovery.  

Sara Schley 🇺🇸

Author, Filmmaker, Speaker, Lived Experience
I’m an author, filmmaker, and coach. I started my sustainability consulting business 30 years ago and have worked with hundreds of companies worldwide. I’ve also been living with bipolar II for over forty years. I’m presently making a documentary film with a stellar team to shine a spotlight on the bipolar spectrum.

Dr. Sarah H. Sperry 🇺🇸

Clinical Psychologist & Researcher
I am an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan where I serve as the Associate Director of the Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program. My research and clinical work focuses on understanding and developing targeted interventions for emotion dysregulation, sleep disturbances, and co-occurring alcohol and substance use in individuals with bipolar disorder.

Dr. Serge Beaulieu 🇨🇦

Psychiatrist & Researcher
I am the Medical Chief of the Bipolar Disorders Clinic at the Douglas Mental Health Institute in Montréal and Vice President of Revivre (now Relief: I am delighted to participate in the World Bipolar Day AMA in whichever language you prefer (English or French).

Shaley Hoogendoorn 🇨🇦

“This is Bipolar” Podcast Host, Lived Experience (podcast/vlog)
Shaley Hoogendoorn is a speaker, vlogger and mental health advocate who aims to dismantle the stigma around mental health and create a safe community for those that struggle. She lives with bipolar ll, and is passionate about educating and empowering others about mental health disorders. She has contributed to publications for Sanctuary Ministries, Psych Central and BP Hope magazine. She hosted a series interviewing women living with mental illnesses at SheLoves Magazine in a series named “Sisters in Mental Illness.” Shaley currently hosts “This is Bipolar” vlog and podcast. Shaley is also an elementary school teacher and an event planner.  

Simon Kitchen 🇬🇧

CEO of Bipolar UK
I am the CEO of patient organisation Bipolar UK which provides a range of peer support services. I also led the work of the Bipolar Commission which in November 2023 launched a ‘state of the nation’ report on bipolar care in the UK. The Commission reports can be found here.

Dr. Steven Barnes 🇨🇦

Co-director of CREST.BD, Instructor, Artist, Lived Experience
I’m the deputy network lead for CREST.BD, Associate Professor of Teaching in UBC Psychology, and 3M National Teaching Fellow. I like teaching, research, painting, drawing, and developing novel technologies for learning and knowledge translation. I’m happy to answer questions about my experiences living with bipolar disorder!

Dr. Tamsyn Van Rheenen 🇦🇺

I’m a Principal Research Fellow/Associate Professor at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre and the University of Melbourne in Australia. I lead the Mood and Psychosis Spectrum Research Group, and my research is focused on better understanding the cognitive symptoms of bipolar disorder and related conditions.

Tera Armel 🇨🇦

Mental Health Advocate, Lived Experience
I am a first year medical student at Queen’s University and was originally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Grade 12. I have since become a dedicated mental health advocate and am grateful to have worked with amazing organizations including, Step Above Stigma and the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder at CAMH. I hope to empower others by showing them that mental illness does not limit what they can achieve!

Dr. Thomas D. Meyer 🇺🇸

Psychologist & Researcher
I started in the late 90s in Germany getting interested in psychotherapy for bipolar disorder (BD) and did there the first RCT on Cognitive Behavior Therapy for BD. I also worked closely with Prof. Angst on developing his screening measure for BD, the HCL-32. Other areas of interest have been stress, impulsivity, neurocognition but my core interest remained psychological support for individuals experiencing BD and their loved ones. Having worked in Germany, the UK, and the US, I learnt a lot about cultural differences in approaching mental health.

Dr. Thomas Richardson 🇬🇧

Clinical Psychologist, Lived Experience
I’m a is a clinical psychologist working as an associate professor at the University of Southampton, in the UK. I teaches and research around the psychology of bipolar disorder, and the role of psychological therapies such as CBT. I also has lived experience of bipolar disorder.

Vanessa Rajamani 🇨🇦

Social Worker & Research Coordinator
I am a social worker and research coordinator at the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder which is located at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. I provide dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for youth with bipolar disorder and am a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™.

Virginia Marcolin 🇨🇦

Serial Entrepreneur, Lived Experience
Virginia is an inventor and mom of four boys whose mania somewhat fuels her entrepreneur fire. An undiagnosed manic period in her early 40’s derailed her “perfect” life…she is rising from the ashes and learning a lot about herself and living with bipolar that she’d love to share with those suffering (or just curious).

The full list

  1. Alessandra Torresani, 🇺🇸 Actress & Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  2. Alex Emmerton, 🇨🇦 Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  3. Alikah Adair, 🇺🇸 Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  4. Anne Van Willigen, 🇺🇸 Librarian & Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  5. Dr. Annemiek Dols, 🇳🇱 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  6. Dr. Benjamin Goldstein, 🇨🇦 Child-Adolescent Psychiatrist
  7. Catherine Simmons, 🇨🇦 Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  8. Dr. Chris Gorman, 🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  9. Dr. Colin Depp, 🇺🇸 Clinician Scientist
  10. Dr. David Miklowitz, 🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  11. Elysha Ringin, 🇦🇺 Neuropsychiatry PhD Candidate
  12. Dr. Emma Morton, 🇦🇺 Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Psychologist
  13. Dr. Eric Youngstrom, 🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  14. Dr. Erin Michalak, 🇨🇦 Researcher & CREST.BD founder
  15. Evelyn Anne Clausen, 🇺🇸 Writer & Artist (Lives w/ bipolar)
  16. Dr. Fabiano Gomes, 🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  17. Georgia Caruana, 🇦🇺 Neuropsychiatry PhD Candidate
  18. Glorianna Jagfeld, 🇬🇧 Mental Health PhD Student
  19. Maj. Gen. Gregg Martin, 🇺🇸 U.S. Army retired, Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  20. Dr. Guillermo Perez Algorta, 🇬🇧 Senior Lecturer in Mental Health
  21. Dr. Hailey Tremain, 🇦🇺 Psychologist & Researcher
  22. Dr. Heather O’Brien, 🇨🇦 Researcher
  23. Dr. Ivan Torres, 🇨🇦 Clinical Neuropsychologist
  24. Dr. Ives Cavalcante Passos, 🇧🇷 Psychiatrist
  25. Jeff Brozena, 🇺🇸 Digital Health PhD Student (Lives w/ bipolar)
  26. Dra. Joanna Jiménez Pavón, 🇲🇽 Mood Disorders Psychiatrist
  27. Dr. John Torous, 🇺🇸 Psychiatrist & Clinical Informaticist 
  28. Dr. John-Jose Nunez, 🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Clinical Research Fellow
  29. Dr. Jorge Cabrera, 🇨🇱 Psychoanalyst
  30. Dr. Josh Woolley, 🇺🇸 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  31. Dr. Jill Murphy, 🇨🇦 Researcher
  32. Dr. June Gruber, 🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  33. Dr. Kamyar Keramatian, 🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  34. Dr. Katie Douglas, 🇳🇿 Psychologist & Researcher
  35. Keri Guelke, 🇨🇦 Outreach Worker & Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  36. Kristine Konz, 🇺🇸 Psychiatric Social Worker
  37. Laura Lapadat, 🇨🇦 CREST.BD Trainee & Psychology PhD student
  38. Leslie Robertson, 🇺🇸 Marketer & Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  39. Dr. Lisa O’Donnell, 🇺🇸 Social Worker & Researcher
  40. Louise Dwerryhouse, 🇨🇦 Writer & Social Worker (Lives w/ bipolar)
  41. Dr. Madelaine Gierc, 🇨🇦 Psychologist & Researcher
  42. Mansoor Nathani, 🇨🇦 Technology Enthusiast (Lives w/ bipolar)
  43. Dr. Manuel Sánchez de Carmona, 🇲🇽 Psychiatrist 
  44. Natasha Reaney, 🇨🇦 Counsellor (Lives w/ bipolar)
  45. Dr. Nigila Ravichandran, 🇸🇬 Psychiatrist
  46. Patrick Boruett, 🇰🇪 Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  47. Dr. Paula Villela Nunes, 🇧🇷 Psychiatrist & Counsellor
  48. Dr. Rachelle Hole, 🇨🇦 Researcher
  49. Dr. Raymond Lam, 🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  50. Dr. Rebekah Huber, 🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  51. Rosemary Hu, 🇨🇦 Poet & Educator (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  52. Ruth Komathi, 🇸🇬 Counsellor (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  53. Ryan Jarman, 🇨🇦 Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  54. Dr. Sagar Parikh, 🇺🇸 Psychiatrist
  55. Prof. Samson Tse, 🇭🇰 Professor in Mental Health & Counsellor
  56. Sara Lapsley, 🇨🇦 Researcher & Psychology PhD Candidate (Lives w/ bipolar)  
  57. Sara Schley, 🇺🇸 Author, Filmmaker, Speaker (Lives w/ bipolar)
  58. Dr. Sarah H. Sperry, 🇺🇸 Researcher
  59. Dr. Serge Beaulieu, 🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  60. Shaley Hoogendoorn, 🇨🇦 “This is Bipolar” Podcast Host (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  61. Simon Kitchen, 🇬🇧 CEO of Bipolar UK
  62. Dr. Steven Barnes, 🇨🇦 Instructor & Artist (Lives w/ bipolar)  
  63. Dr. Tamsyn Van Rheenen, 🇦🇺 Researcher
  64. Tera Armel, 🇨🇦 Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  65. Dr. Thomas D. Meyer, 🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  66. Dr. Thomas Richardson, 🇬🇧 Clinical Psychologist (Lives w/ bipolar)
  67. Vanessa Rajamani, 🇨🇦 Social Worker & Research Coordinator
  68. Virginia Marcolin, 🇨🇦 Serial Entrepreneur (Lives w/ bipolar)

What is World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day was created with the intent to bring attention and awareness to bipolar disorders on a world stage and to end the social stigma surrounding the condition. It is celebrated every year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh.

Our World Bipolar Day AMAs

World Bipolar Day AMA 2019-2021
We’ve been gathering people from around the world for World Bipolar Day annually since 2019!

CREST.BD has held World Bipolar Day AMAs on Reddit annually since 2019. Over the years, these AMAs have grown to become the biggest international events on bipolar disorder ever held!

The 2022 World Bipolar Day AMA was our most successful event yet! There were hundreds of questions asked and answered about bipolar disorder and over 2.6 million views! We’ve taken some of the highlights from the day and published them in a blog post here.

World Bipolar Day AMA 2020
The 12 panelists from our 2020 World Bipolar Day AMA
Dr. Steven Barnes & Dr. Erin Michalak at our first World Bipolar Day AMA in 2019

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