Exercise for Youth with Bipolar Disorder

Child-adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Goldstein (University of Toronto), and patient collaborator Tera Armel discuss how exercise can be used as medicine in the treatment of bipolar disorder for youth.. 

Hosted by Dr. Erin Michalak

Dr. Ben Goldstein is a child-adolescent psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at the University of Toronto. He holds the RBC Investments Chair in Children’s Mental Health and Developmental Psychopathology at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, where he is Director of the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Goldstein’s efforts focus on bipolar disorder in youth. His team seeks to generate insights regarding the link between bipolar disorder and cardiovascular disorders, and to identify and implement innovative prevention and treatment strategies that focus simultaneously on physical and mental health. Dr. Goldstein has authored over 200 scientific articles, and has received international awards for his research.

Tera Armel is a fifth year Life Sciences student at Queen’s University. Mental illness has impacted her life since she was a young child, but a mental health crisis in Grade 12 changed everything. She has since become a dedicated mental health advocate and feels that sharing her experiences provides her with a greater understanding of her own journey. She hopes she can empower others through her work as a Jack Talks speaker, President of the Jack.org Queen’s Chapter and Consumer Collaborator with the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder.

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