Family Life in Coronatimes

Professor of Clinical Psychology Professor Fiona Lobban (Lancaster University) and mental health educator Victoria Maxwell discuss managing family relationships and bipolar disorder, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – including how to cultivate a positive emotional atmosphere in the home, how to maintain healthy routines and how to make the most of social supports. 

Hosted by Dr. Erin Michalak

Prof. Fiona Lobban specializes in improving psychosocial support for people affected by mental health problems and their families, with a focus on increasing accessibility to receive effective help. Dr. Lobban obtained her a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a PhD at the University of Manchester. Since 2008, she has been Co-Director of the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research at Lancaster University.

Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, psychosis, and anxiety, Victoria Maxwell has become one of North America’s top speakers and educators on the lived experience of mental illness and recovery, dismantling stigma and returning to work after a psychiatric disorder. As a performer, her funny, powerful messages about mental wellness create lasting change in individuals and organizations. By sharing her story of mental illness and recovery she makes the uncomfortable comfortable, the confusing understandable. The Mental Health Commission of Canada named her keynote That’s Just Crazy Talk as one of the top anti-stigma interventions in the country.

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