Psilocybin Research & Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Psychedelics researcher Meghan DellaCrosse breaks down her research on psilocybin, the results from a new study looking at magic mushrooms use for bipolar disorder, the benefits and drawbacks of using psilocybin, and the future of psychedelics research for mental health.

Hosted by Dr. Emma Morton.

Meghan DellaCrosse - talkBD Bipolar Disorder Podcast

Meghan DellaCrosse is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Following completion of pre-doctoral internship at Wexner Medical Center’s Early Psychosis Intervention Center at the Ohio State University (OSU) in June 2023, Meghan will begin a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Psychedelic Drug Research and Education at the OSU College of Social Work. She has contributed to research and manuscript development as a part of the Translational Psychedelic Research (TrPR) Program at UCSF where she also worked as a clinical assessor on various studies including investigations of social deficits in Veterans with schizophrenia, and psilocybin as a novel treatment for depression and Parkinson’s disease. Meghan is passionate about interdisciplinary research and holds master’s degrees in clinical psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College (NY), and art history from CUNY Hunter College (NY). As a somatic educator and qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, Meghan’s research interests focus on novel treatments and the integration of the body into mental health care to support people with serious mental illness, as well as promoting mental health literacy and reducing stigma.

Chapters & Timestamps

01:01 About Meghan DellaCrosse
05:49 Biggest Unanswered Questions in Psilocybin Research
10:16 Qualitative Research for Psilocybin & Bipolar Disorder
15:00 Study Findings: Benefits & Adverse Effects of Psilocybin
18:42 Bad Trips Can Cause Disrupted Sleep & Manic Symptoms
21:17 Contextual Factors Matter: Where, When & Safe Dosage?
24:47 Reducing Research Bias
26:56 Psilocybin Can Improve Sleep and Depression
29:33 Impact of Meghan’s Study
32:18 The Future of Psilocybin In Mental Health Treatment

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